Sony has finally dated when they are going to speak in greater detail about PS4 Neo and what exactly they have up their sleeve. Sept. 7th is the date when the world will finally know what is coming next for PlayStation, and itís going to be an exciting and interesting time.

If you are anything like me, then your mind is swimming with possibilities and thoughts about what is going to be shown off at the event in NYC. Perhaps youíre looking forward to some new game announcements, new gameplay videos, a release date or news on what the price will be.

Well guess what? I am right there with you, and we donít have to wait until September to start talking about whatís coming from Sony. Thereís no better time than now and so without further adieu, here are the things I believe Sony is going to address at the PlayStation Meeting on Sept. 7.

Red Dead 3

Okay, letís just get this one out of the way because Rockstar Games is going to announce a new game before the end of the decade, and Iím betting itís going to actually be this September in the form of a third Red Dead game. The support is out there that a new game is being developed, and announcing it with PS4 Neo would be a very smart move.

They pride themselves on dancing to beat of their own drum, and they probably always will. However, I donít think they could resist the opportunity to show off a game that takes full advantage of PS4 Neoís hardware. This announcement would also be incredibly important for PS4 Neo because of the whispers weíve been hearing about the console being underpowered compared to Project Scorpio.

Initially at least, it might take some of the attention off of the underpowered aspect of PS4 Neo, particularly if the game is a launch title. Sony isnít going to show up with just the same games weíve already seen this year, and if they do, then Iíll be very surprised.

There was talk of the new Red Dead originally being scheduled for a reveal during Sonyís show at E3 2016 and that it got kicked at the last minute. If that was true, then it might be because Rockstar found out what an opportunity it would be to have Red Dead 3 as a showcase title for PS4 Neo. Not only that, but Red Dead 3 isnít going to launch this year, so itís better to not talk about the game until a later time (less waiting for us).

Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay

Itís safe to say that gamers were a bit underwhelmed with what EA showed off at E3 2016 for Mass Effect Andromeda. I think everyone was expecting to see more gameplay, like we saw from Star Wars Battlefront at E3 2015. To be fair though, Battlefront was actually released that fall, not delayed like Andromeda has been.

EA and BioWare confirmed that there would be a bigger showcase for Mass Effect Andromeda sometime this fall, and it could be during Sonyís PlayStation Meeting. The game certainly needs a massive platform for gameplay to be shown off, and for a game like Mass Effect Andromeda, if E3 2016 wasnít it, then the PlayStation Meeting has to be.

I would be very surprised if EA tried to organize some sort of Mass Effect fan event where they would then unveil a bunch of new gameplay. They certainly have the resources to pull something like that off and Mass Effect Andromeda is a big enough of a title to support such an engagement, but I just donít see EA pouring that much into a one off show. Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled to launch during the spring of 2017, though I wouldnít be surprised if the game was delayed again.


Price is going to be a very interesting thing to hear about simply because of the base PS4 models that are already out there. Will Sony do some sort of upgrade or trade-in program? The idealist answer would be absolutely, yes because they donít want to anger loyal gamers. However, the realist answer is maybe not. Doing an upgrade or trade-in program could result in a surplus in stock for retailers and as long as the consoles are sitting on shelves thatís dead money to them.

And donít give me this entitlement bullshit that people spew when it comes to the mention of an upgrade or trade-in program because the vast majority of the people who own a PS4 right now do not have another $500 or $600 to shell out on a whim for Neo. Sure, there are people who do have that kind of money one way or another, but they are the exception. Just because you have that kind of cash to use, doesnít mean you are the rule, you are simply lucky. Itís not entitlement, itís being a normal fucking person.

One could presume though that Sony will drop the price on the base PS4 to something like $249, but then again, why would they do that since it has been the best selling console this generation? Many are expecting PS4 Neo to launch around the $499 or $599 price range, and much higher could be asking a bit too much from even the most avid console gamer.

Sony could really piss off millions of people and disrupt what has been an unbelievably great run for the PS4 if they come out with poor messaging or a poor strategy. The industry is entering uncharted waters, even more so than when we start a new generation, and because of that, you canít just say, ďah, just do what we did before with PS4ís reveal and itíll all be fine.Ē Price could be a deal-maker for Sony or it could be a deal-breaker.

Release Date

Lastly, there have been many signs pointing to the PS4 Neo launching sometime during the month of October, and that it would initially serve more as a system to effectively run PlayStation VR. Still though, Sony has stated many times that they wonít show off PS4 Neo without having the software to do it, and so they must have it now.

Should the PS4 Neo drop this October, itís going to be a pretty dicey purchase for gamers who are looking to see what a game truly looks and feels like when it is taking advantage of PS4 Neoís power. A holiday release would either mean a gamer is picking it up for PSVR purposes or just to be someone who can say they have it.

Personally, outside of PlayStation VR, it doesnít make much sense at all for PS4 Neo to release this coming October, and in fact, I believe Sony will tell us all that the console is coming out sometime next year. Itíll be an interesting event when the PlayStation Meeting takes place this coming Sept. 6. All eyes will be watching, but in the meantime, check out more about our thoughts regarding PS4 Neo launch date.

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