So Hilary Failed, man she would of thought she was so close.

her whole life summed up to this one moment and she LOST ahhahahahah

Idk if yall noticed but it seems this timeline we are living on seems to be the better one in my opinion lol.

but honestly this is hilarious hilary has been working her WHOLE life to get this one shot even betrayed bernie sanders so she would have the shot at the big spot, otherwise bernie vs trump would of been a way different story

HAHAHHA fuckin hilarious

every nerd that is actually upset that trump all it took was some strong words

I couldn't even breathe when i heard hilary hired out an entire stadium with a Giant H to be show to the world when she won

Aaaaaaaaaah hahahaha, fucking watching these gay and feminist riots is the most hilarious thing i slept like a fucking baby knowing that all there Politcally Correct Babies were trembling in their beds


Nothings gonna happen, like nothing has happened 'significant' in the last 20 years, the last president who was actually gonna do something was JFK and he was killed,

Ahahahha Long Live Murica u beautiful, lads