Well, Im just about to post a quick tutorial about how you can actually do this stuff...

1 What is it?
Well, In short, It's just a server with several files on that you can download..

2 Where do i get it?



3 How do i use it?/How do i download stuff?

Follow the instructions there, and figure out yourself..


Look at that, It's an dutch prog
with it, you can check trough what is posted, and what is about to get posted,

Follow the site's instruction's and you'll get it


That was pretty short, Just as a short note

If you notice this notice, you'll notice this notice wasnt worth Noticing ^^

Again, if you use FTD, you can easely find download, what you want, and what is there, It's close to P2P Programs,But no viruses if you download the good shit,
you wont download sims 2 and get like pokemon or shit..

Need help, Ask me ^^