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    Quote Originally Posted by jetamay View Post
    =0 Sex-ed teachers like "Okay children were going to learn about how hot it is when you have sexual contact with a five year-old boy from the back. You nearly feel as if you are having sex with a 6 year-old female." I don't understand how it could though, it makes no sence. Pfft life is like a box of children - err..I mean frenchies...uhm..Chocolates. And you pull the same one out every single day, with a diffrent name on it. Its gets more and more fucked up as you get the goods ones, you have to deal with the melting ones, and the ones that are 12 weeks old, and the cheap ones made of from the fucking frenchies. Thoughs ones take like shit, the frenchies. FUCK EWW frenchies. I even hate the name of them.
    I dont eat those, and thats the best solution of course (why eat them if you dont like them?). Anyways, i wanted to say, you probably shouldnt force yourself to minimize on computer, if you arent addicted to WoW or some other mmorpg it will happen automatically (also if your not a hentai addict). I would always have had better grades if i hadnt spent so much time on the computer but i found a way where i can both have good grades and be as much on the computer as suits me (I am writing this in school right now). Just find some fitting middle way.

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    I figured. If you multi-task on your computer it seems less uhm ghay when you do your homework. Anyways Ima go walk to school now *cough* Double Block Of French *Cough*

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