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    Catch the Terminator in London

    Funniest recent vids i hav seen so far, both in London enjoy


    Jus some more funny shiit in a bus :P

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    Thats right BOOM HEADSHOT click on the gif to go to a special place

    Imam Ali (AS)

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    Haven't hacked for over a year and never planning to hack again, only hacked to level a new account as 1st one was hacked and cf didn't help me get it back! Here for mods, programming, other useful legit 'hacks'

    Done List
    Get kicked while not hacking
    Not get kicked while hacking
    Get 5 kill streak in Prison TD EDIT NOW 6 KILL
    Get ACE in Prison TD
    Get MVP in Metro GM when joined late
    Play 43 battles in 6 hours non-stop

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