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    OMG Help me with my homework ><

    i have to find 240 pictures that describe a definition and a made up sentence. I will list 20 words right now please post them with the sentence next to them. nothing innapropriate please. xD im not kidding though you would seriously help me alot by doing this. I will post all 240 word with thier definition next to them. Please try and do Set 6-Set 13 only o.o you dont have to help but it would be nice.

    Format should be like this.

    Set #



    Set 1

    indifferent- the cat is indifferent to its owners concerns
    apathy- apathy towards school is a big problem
    obscure- it is hard to see the mountain because of the obscure glass
    impartial- impartial judgement is the best kind of judgement
    revere- Paul Revere is revered as a hero
    discriminate- to discriminate is wrong
    denounce- protesters denounce the war in Iraq
    innovate- innovated ideas are quite rare
    relevant- a logical connection to a disgussion
    candid- a candid conversation is the best
    discernment- the study group lacked discernment
    disdain- if you disdain other people, you will be lonley
    abstract- the painting was abstract
    temperate- a termperate climate is one that is most enjoyable
    enigma- the mysterious symbol was an engima
    inevitable- Going to school is inevitable
    eccentric- There are alot of eccentric people
    provincial- A provincial remark is unwelcome
    futile- It is futile to skip school.

    Set 2

    diverse- America is a diverse nation
    benevolent- santa clause is a benevolent man
    pious- the pope is pious
    conciliatory- some times enemies have to come to a conciliatory agreement.
    resignation- the president has a resignation about appointing a press aid.
    resolute- he was resolute on making up with his friend after the fight
    servile- dogs have a servile nature
    acute- he had an acute awareness on what would happen next
    reticent- he was reticent to talk to the principle
    anarchy- when all the workers got fired, there was anarchy
    virulent- his virulent rage cost the man his job
    scrutinize-he scrutinized the document for any loopholes
    *******- there was such ******* between the two children, their parents had to separate them
    repudiate- the judge repudiated the changes to the contract
    diligent- he was a diligent worker
    superficial- his superficial speech was a waste of time to everyone that attended it
    contempt- his contempt towards others will lead him to a lonley life.
    lucid- his lucid lesson about math helpd all the students pass the test the next day
    aesthetic- the aesthetic painting sold for $500,000
    prodigal- his prodigal choices will get him fired from his job

    Set 3

    augment- many people augment thier incomes by doing a second job
    complacent- he smiled complacently at the painting he just finished, it was a beautiful painting
    guile- he used his guile to get away from it
    squander- he squanderd his money away, so now he is broke
    incessant- that incessant noise is very annoying
    laudable- he is a laudable person because he saved that woman from the fire
    deter- the student deters his homework because he doesn't want to do it.
    redundant- everytime i look at the cloud, that redundant question always pops into my head, "Why is the sky blue"?
    infamous- the criminal is infamous
    provocative- nobody likes the provocative kid
    depravity- the depravity of the persons trust has left him sad and depressed
    gravity- most people don't think about the gravity of their actions towards others
    banal- it is very banal to see birds in the park
    extol- sometimes, to extol a person can often lead to tragedy
    euophny- the musicians euophny music was good to listen to
    deride- people who deride others are unliked by most people
    inspid- the inspid elevision show made us all sigh with boredom
    austere- the austere look on his face told us he was up to no good
    expedite- it is unwise to expedite the homework process it you want it to be done neatly
    heresy- the idea that God doesn't exists is considered heresy to people

    Set 4

    novel- the novel fashion she was wearing is the new stylish fashion of the month
    philanthropy- everyone loves a philanthropist
    tentative- the tentative side-effects of the medicine are to be expected
    deference- his deference towards others commands makes him weak
    vacillate- he is very vacillate about his decision
    fervor- his fervor about math was amazing
    dispassionate- he is very dispassionate about doing the dishes
    pragmatic- he was very pragmatic about the situation
    rigorous- he has very rigorous concequences when people do not obey him
    solemn- the solemn choice would effect veryone in the room
    alleviate- he tried to alleviate everyones temper by telling jokes
    negligence- his negligence towards his homework will cost him his grade for the semester, and his TV privileges
    conspicuous- the person we are looking for will be easy to find because he is conspicuous
    advocate- most people advocate using fuel efficient cars
    ascetic- the ascetic person lives alone
    profound- the profound words from the speaker made everyone realize what was happening
    ironic- it was ironic when we brushed our teeth 3 times a day everyday and the dentist still found a cavity
    dogmatic- the dogmatic person made everyone angry
    condone- the president condoned the bill to be passed
    dissent- there was a big dissent between the two adults

    Set 5

    volition- it was his volition to join the army
    voluntary- there are many voluntary people that help clean the oil from the oil spill
    didactic- the didactic person told us how to tie a knot
    disparate- the disparate couple could not stay together much longer
    disparage- it hurt when people disparage you
    ephemeral- the ephemeral joy was cherished by all
    compliant- he is very compliant about orders
    prosaic- the prosaic painting was never sold in the auction
    profuse- the profuseing movement of the ribbons was amazing
    expedient- the waiter asked for the person expedient order as soon as possible
    fastidious- the fastidious words for the protesters made the company lower the prices on all goods
    belligerent- his belligerent stance told us he was ready to fight
    astute- the astute comeback was enough to end the argument
    languish- he will languish when he hears that his kitten died
    censure- the police will censure the criminal for years
    stagnation- the stagnation of the person was surprising to all, because we thought it was a real statue
    mitigate- the childs friend tried to mitigate his freinds punishment
    reprehensible- criminals are reprehensible for thier crimes
    engender- chickens engender eggs
    exemplary- Brad Paisley is an exemplary figure

    Set 6

    neutral- it is always better to be neutral because this way you cannot be brought into a conflict
    relegate- when the king relegates somebody, that person is never seen again in the kings town
    anecdote- mother always told us anecdotes before we went to bed
    scanty- the scanty amount of money we had we saved
    fallacious- the statement that all people are the same is fallacious, we are all different
    acclaim- Bruce Willis is acclaimed for his movie, Die Hard
    uniform- we all have to wear the same uniform at school
    incoherent- the incoherent words from the man told us he was crazy
    repress- they had to repress him in order to arrest him
    articulate- the speaker articulated his words
    solicit- when people solicit goods, they sell them
    reproach- the parent reproached her child for not cleaning his room when asked
    condescend- when you condescend to a bully, it makes you the bully
    orthodox- its not always a good idea to be very orthodox
    indolence- his indolence toward his job got him fired
    congenial- the congenial decision made everyone happy
    preclude- we must preclude the infection by quarentining the infected
    apprehensive- her apprehensive posure told us she was worried
    elaborate- the elaborate plan was sure to succeed
    arrogant- an arrogant person is unliked by most people

    Set 7

    elusive- the elusive crinimal got away again
    efface- the student effaced his drawing so the teacher wouldn't catch him drawing in class
    taciturn- the taciturn stranger silently walked by as we said hello.
    ameliorate- we tried to ameliorate the conflict by separating the two people
    acquiesce- he finally aquiesced to the deal from the dare
    atrophy- it was bad that we let the milk atrophy
    dubious- the dubious advertisement on TV made us question wether to buy it or don't buy it
    flagrant- the flagrant self portait shocked us all
    concise- he was very concise about why he ran the red light
    immutable- the immutable disfiguration to his face is horrifying
    static- a tree is static
    credulous- the child is very credulous
    blasphemy- blasphemy towards religions is frowned upon
    coalesce- students coalesce in school
    lax- the lax worker will be fired
    cryptic- the cryptic cave was where we heard a mysterious noise
    levity- the levity of the situtation made everyone relaxed
    ambivalent- the ambivalent decision will take longer than expected to agree on
    innate- before i was ever born, earth was innate
    sycophant- a worker should always a sycophant to thier boss

    Set 8

    amiable- a dog is very amiable to its master
    esoteric- the glyphs written on the wall are very esoteric
    extraneous- there was an extraneous amount of cereal in the pantry, and we won't even eat it all
    tedious- the tedious television show was quickly changed to something more interesting
    caustic- the caustic liquid ate away at the floor boards
    inadvertent- the person inadvertently pulled the fire alarm as he tripped
    exhaustive- after an exhaustive search, the people were sure there were no rats in the restaurant
    incongruous- his incongruous behavior at the dinner table got him grounded
    belittle- when you belittle somebody, they feel worthless and pathetic
    unprecedented- the unprecedented invention of the iPhone quickly had buys all over it when it was first released to the public
    digress- people try to get out of an uncomfortable conversation by digressing
    appease- people like to appease themselves by listening to calm music
    frivolous- the frivolous wound could be taken care of by simply putting a band-aid on it
    instigate- it is not wise to instigate an ant bed, for they will come out and sting you
    sage- the wises man in the village is the sage
    predecessor- the predecessor of the iPod Touch was the iPod
    jeopardy- the people were in jeopardy by staying in the burning building
    tangible- the water is tangible, and when it is touched it feels cold
    indulgent- the dog is very indulgent to its masters commands
    remorse- you feel remorse when a loved one had died

    Set 9

    pivotal- the most pivotal part of the robot was missing
    scrupulous- the scrupulous instrctor told us all to sit straight in our seats and pay attention.
    refute- there have been meny refutes about Big Foots existence, and yet people still believe in him
    respite- after running 10 miles, we would respite in the nice Air Conditioning
    stoic- he was stoic as the judge pronounced a life sentence
    volatile- the volatile mixture was about to explode
    peripheral- the peripheral note in the math text book said that i should count to 500 5 times
    hedonistic- the hedonistic child found what he was looking for, a lazer tag arena
    idiom- the idiom on his face could only mean one thing, i am very bored and i want to go home now
    benefactor- everybody loves the benefactor at a charity
    brevity- the brevity of the speech was so fast, I couldn't understand what it was about
    apocryphal- the question i marked true was actually apocryphal
    virtuoso- the virtuoso as the concert made millions
    slander- when you slander a teacher, you get suspended or even expelled
    animosity- the dogs animosity towards cats was perplexing
    deplete- the oxygen from the oxygen tank deleted quicky because there was a hole in the tank
    amity- amity is a great thing to have with people, because those people turn out being your best freinds
    stringent- the stingent rules at the museum made it hard to have fun
    voluminous- the voluminous room in the house could fit an elephant and still have rom for a kitchen and a media center
    auspicious- as he recieved his masters degree from college, his future would be auspicious and wonderful

    Set 10

    fickle- the fickle outcome was one that nobody knew would happen

    lethargy- lethargy in the work place will get you fired

    hackneyed- the hackneyed shovel finaly broke after 12 years of weekly use

    amass- tens of thousands of people gather for OzFest every year

    willful- he was willful to do the laundry

    bastion- the bastion was protected by electrical fences, land mines, gaurds, and an advanced airstrike designator

    trepidation- his trepidation towards water made him wait on the beach while everyone else went surfing

    desecrate- thoes to desecrate a persons beliefs will be punished in the future by karma

    fortuitous- the fortuitous incident in which the man accidently tripped and fell on the woman was forgiven very shortly after

    vehenment- the vehenment towards savibg the earth was what the spectator thought it would be, passion, love, and the urgentcy to save it

    assuage- when you lay down with a hurting back, right when your back hits the mattress you feel your back assuage

    prodigious- the prodigious house could be seen 10 miles away

    torpor- torpor in the morning in typical

    furtive- the furtive man was actually a secret agent

    supercilious- nobody likes a supercilious man

    prudent- it is key to be prudent when rockclimbing

    verbose- the verbose teacher made us miss lunch

    pedestrian- the pedestrian park has been there for 78 years

    innocuous- the kitten is innocuous

    fanatic- the star warz fanatic had every sing star warz prop and collectors item known to man

    Set 11

    enhance- he have enhanced the phone to act as a television remote

    retract- when i touched the turtles head, it retracted back into it's shell

    ambiguous- the ambiguous word was one that no one knew

    paucity- the paucity of the temple was great

    rescind- he will rescind the book after the thief apologizes

    subtle- the subtle child was not noticed until he sang at the talent show

    zealous- he is zealous to finish his work

    benign- the benign tumor was easily treated

    compliant- the butler is compliant to his masters orders

    emulate- he tried to emulate his successors, but he could never be as successful as them

    innumerable- the innumerable soldiers in our army caused our enemies to raise the white flag

    meander- students often meander around school before class start

    authoritarian- the new mayor was an authoritarian, so in the next election nobody voted for him

    brawn- the wrestle had alot of brawn

    contrite- after he failed the test, he was very contrite

    exemplify- Brad Paisley exemplifies to everyone

    facilitate- when everything is organized, it makes it facilitate to do work

    hypothetical- it is hypothetical that aliens do infact exist

    recalcitrant- the recalcitrant boy was sent to jeuvenile detention center for breaking the law

    ambulatory- the person would be ambulatory after 6 months in a wheel chair

    Set 12

    diffident- the diffident child was always bullied

    drone- the person droned us, so we left because he was boring to listen to

    gullible- the child was so gullible, when we told him there was candy at the bottom of the ocean he asked his parents for scuba gear

    marred- when the bad hit my leg, it marred it

    nullify- i nullified my actions by saying "Well he is cutting the plants with a sword" so now im not in trouble

    parsimony- his parsimony is not liked by most

    propriety- his propriety at the dinner table was excellent

    rejuvenate- when i drank the nice cold water, i felt rejuvenated

    skeptical- when i heard that big foot was found, i was skeptical

    tenacious- the tenacious pro wrestler won again

    animated- the puppy that was running around was animated

    authentic- the authentic movie prop came straight from the movie

    bias- gender bias is frowned upon

    blithe- the blithe cheerleader was full of spirit and didnt have a care in the world

    dearth- the dearth of water in the lake wouldnt even keep a kitten hydrated

    divert- we diverted the cars initial way of getting there by creating a road block

    enthrall- when we got on the roller coaster, we were all enthralled

    heed- the young boy heeded his fathers warning not to go into the water alone at night

    hindrance- the roadblock was a hindrance to the get away strategy

    irascible- the irascible cat wanted to be left alone

    Set 13

    merger- the merger of the couple was blessed

    nostalgia- his nostalgia for his old home made him depressed for a long time

    pretentious- the pretentious man only thought about himself

    saccharine- the saccharine candy was to sweet for me to handle

    stanza- my favorite stanza in the poem was the part where it said "Roses are red, violets are blue"
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    what grade are you in?

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    um what the fuck is this
    Everybody wanting to post in crossfire section read these


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hahne View Post
    um what the fuck is this
    No you wont get Minion Spot Again

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    ummm hmmm There is a Section for this...
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    lol ty for the link Kallisti for the link

    Quote Originally Posted by UnGodly View Post
    ummm hmmm There is a Section for this...
    lol i didnt know there was. I looked but couldnt find it so i thouhg general would fit because it has NOTHING to do with hacks
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    fuck homework dont do it

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    fuck homework dont do it

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    hahahah boombox is a piece of shit who deserves CS

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