I dont know what to do so i guess ill ask you guys,So im just on the computer,then a popup says im getting attacked and saying i should buy an antivirus,So i knew it was malware and tried to do the same thing i always do,use system restore.I go to system restore and it lost all the restore points for some reason,So im like ill just try to use tune up or asc,they dont help that much,and my cd drive doesnt work
So basically this is my problem:

1.Cant use any programs because it blocks them
2.Cant format since cd drive doesnt work
3.Cant use system restore since all the restore points are gone
4.No antivirus

What should i do?

Oh by the way the virus icon in the taskbar is like a replica of the red shield with an x on it,except its yellow and has black stripes on it.