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    [GENERAL HACKING] proxy question

    hi all !
    im search proxy working with flashchat ( like 123flashchat software )
    i tryed like 20 proxy software but no one work on flash chat
    at this moment i use TOR ( dont work with flash chat )

    all my crew member search for this

    my crew name : quebec hacking force
    crew member and language programmation :
    master : l4sth4ck3r ( me ) VB ( learning ASM )
    cr4zyh4x0r VB
    NotReal c++
    seb_hacker VB
    HackTion nothing
    licence_to_pwn c, c++
    YouGotPwned VB
    MotorolaRazr nothing
    h3r0h4x0r c++
    HDpro little ASM
    HeroKeybord VB, c, c++, delphi
    pwnator VB base ( learning )

    not working on flash chat proxy software tested :
    hide ip platinium
    ghost surf

    web proxy tested : 23

    we are new to hacking so we need help

    i created wpe pro speed hack and our own backdoor

    can someone help please ?

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    You posted in the incorrect section. This goes in the General Hacking section..

    You know, you have to spoof your shockwave ID..That should be self explanatory when working with Flash objects.


    Hacking is a complex process, and there are millions of ways to hack\crack applications, If you want to learn how to hack. You should learn it on your own. As working with a group of people only makes this process of learning more complex.
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    VERY thx man...

    now i just need to find how to
    anyway , THX !!!

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