Im mmo fans, yah, all the online games. I dont know if you guys still remember shadowbane. I can

stay in game 8hrs per day for my city, for my neckless. Iam one of our team. have the own

merchant in our city. we enjoyed our sber life. We deleted our baby after our city be owned =(.

After the deep dark days. we came to silkroad online and enjoyed the game. I like be Tank, in all

games, I hope my shield can protect all my friends. I hope all my friends can own the boss 1 by 1.

I hope all of us can spend our mmo life here. as the end. BUT. all changed, bot, spammer,

hacker, all the fk things destroyed our dream. if you have $, you can get enuf sos from others as

you need. if you have $, you can get enuf gold from g/k/p/l/a/y/e/r as you need. if you dont have

$, sorry. you cant even log in the game, I tried waste damn 5hrs in the logging windows.

Maybe wow is my last mmo life now. at least. I can enoy my life with my Chimera pet-dream.