Here is a post I found recently while browsing a random forum:

They're as secure as Windows 98, the reason why they're "immune" to viruses is NOBODY CARES to make one. Sure you can go buy the Mac version of a game, but they aren't always released for Mac and nowhere near as much in stock as a PC. Sure Microsoft has more viruses, only because they have a higher number of users making them a WAY bigger target. The only thing a Mac is good for is computer illiterates. PC wins!
I agree with that post. I also think that MAC is stupid, it prevents people from upgrading their computer without having to buy a whole new one. They completely lock you out of tampering with the MAC. It's like they think everyone who is going to use a MAC has no technical know-how, which is why I would never buy a MAC, and why I believe most people don't. Anyone agree, or people that disagree have reasons why MAC would be better?