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    [quote]hy, my naem is tom. im 16.. i've neva d8ted in my lyf, mum ses its cuz im on the comp all the time.. bt i kno itz cus im 2 sxc. well n e waiz im lukin fr a fat, black depr3ss3d chik 2 d8 me. i liek long cuttings along the arm. im a funny, emotional gy lololol. s0 if u wnna contect me.. my numba is +1.2082048222

    u cn els0 emeil me.. lololol (

    ya liek.. i cn shuw u a picture of me and my 2 m8s.
    [lemon party picture was HERE]

    they banned me for that?? thats BS ROFL AT THOSE NUBS.
    You have been banned for the following reason:

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never
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    under chuck norrises bed. yea, even hes scared of me
    hahahaha bitch u got BANNNED........ anyway, OMFG THAT NIKE AD THING IS FUCKIN FUNNY

    i think we should post the ORLY???? owl in there wen people say they wanna die, say ORLY?????? ahahahahahahahahahahahah and then say things like i want to kill my dog..... threaten people through pms- set up a thread were u sell razor blades, knives etc.... and offer to help people suicide in the metro area of wherever u live.....for a price of 5 ewasy payments of $10.99 XD XD XD EVEN MAKE A DISCLAIMER AGREEMENT SAYING--- if you dont die, NO REFUNDS

    i feel so mean but its funny coz they no its not real...... suicide forum, wat do all the geeks go suicidal and post there>>>>>> suicidal peeps dont go online, they go to a builiding and JUMP LIKE A BITCH! tell them its less painfukll to fry on a barbecue than hit by car or jumping... hilarity ensues

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