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    Galaxy on Fire 2 hack development help

    I have been working, trying to get something MORE than just the Credit hack. IF someone requests it, I can post my saved game on here.
    Stats for profile:
    99,999,999 credits
    4x Scram Cannons
    3x Mamba EMP
    9x EMP GL DX
    12x AMR Oppressor
    1x Hiroto Ultrascan
    1x Khador Drive
    1x Beamshield II
    1x Me'al (Booster)
    2x Rhoda Blackhole (Storage)
    1x Ketar Repair Bot
    1x Pulsed Plasma Thrust
    1x AB-3 "Kingfisher" (tractor beam)
    1x IMT Extract 4.0x
    1x D'iol (Armour)
    1x Yin Co. Shadow Ninja (Invisibility)
    Entire game beaten.
    Level 13

    Anyways, back on track, I have been trying to get a health hack, a storage hack, and everything like that.

    I posted all of the files in

    If someone could work with me on this, or try to help that would be great. If you want the .IPA file (need jailbroken iPod), I will give it to you. OR you can download it via Installous 4

    Personal Virus Scan: (File too large for virscan, jotti, etc)

    Can a moderator please verify the link once I post?

    It will take a little bit to get the link, but I will post it as soon as it is uploaded on mega up load.

    20 more mega bytes as of 12:06 Mountain Time(the file is 88.86 and is a .7z file, so I can't even upload it here.)

    UPDATE: about 2 more minutes

    Update 2: Link sent to moderator

    https:// gauplo /?d=FG UZD97F

    Space every 6 characters, remove, and download.

    I have the skills to do hex editing, and I understand coding to a degree.

    I need help finding things for this to modify. Help would be appreciated
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