Hello I'm angerist from Cheat Engine Forums, I've got an idea, Its certainly not a new one. But its one that has a lot of money involved in it. And its one that double if not triple the money the owners of this site is making.

You probably know of someone called Xentere. He did once sell a trainer for $15. Until another chap called x0r ( who is a very good programmer) Cracked his trainer he was apparently raking in a yearly salery of $60,000 a year. My point is a lot of people will purchase V.I.P If you formed a few people to make some hacks.

The reason the hacks will sell so well is that its almost impossible to hack maplestory publicly these days. No one trusts anyone with there releases so they keep it to themselves. there's been a lot of betrayal in the maplestory hacking seen. But back to the point.

If anyone's interested in the proposal, I can push them in the right direction and hook them up with the people who have experience exploiting maplestory ( like me ). Its not an easy thing to do these days but its gonna rake in a hell of a lot of money for anyone who decides to do this. I cant stress how much this site will make.

Tell me what you think.