I'm please to say that tonight I won my very first Emmy. It was very
exciting and what made it extra special is that my own sweet Magooski was at
my side. And here she is to tell you more:

Mark Did it!! The night was quite amazing....literally newscasters from as
far as Las Vegas,
San Bernadino, up North, etc.I'd guess there were 300-400 people, and
hundreds of

Having lived with Scientology's endless hatred of media, it was quite
thrilling for me to hear
some of the fantastic and personal stories so many had done. They announced
in the beginning that the Emmy stood for "Education, Ethics and Excellence".
I sat amazed:
If Scientology could only see this tonight!

Way to go, Mark Bunker!! You hit it OUT OF THE PARK on this one

Love to all..........from Bunker's computer, with his Emmy sitting right
next to me.
(((Photos shall follow soon---this time *I* was the photographer




Basically Mark Bunker is a guy who hates scientologists,, and well he has won an award for it =D

Well deserved. Tis gonna piss off a bunch of homotologists so its all good.

Stay tuned: Saturday, August 27, 2006 - Emmys air