over the last year or so that i have been on mpgh [ i think its like 2]
ive noticed its on the way down,

this is not a post about new members btw! so dont read this bit then go down and spam quick responce

mpgh needs somthing happening other than this CA vip bs
mpgh is dead and i see no way back D: rastaburn ace ect have all gone dave and arun are busy most of the time...

this post will be replyed with
yes i agree im not posting to get that worthless number in the cornor up,

i think it would be a good idea to shake the staff up abit
just things like make jetamay a GMOD and little things
and mabey make a few new mods who can run events and shit idfk
and not just hooking up noobs like gud "no offence just a example"
but people who have been here for a while.

as far as i can tell MPGH was mean to a bit of fun as well as a business, if i was in dave's position i would be like "time to get on with my life :@ ill keep mpgh up while its making money" and he probley is... why dont you give out some more power? no real damage can be done even i know that from my experinces of being an admin and running a site.

anyway my spelling and gramma are sucky atm..
and most of that is bullshit prbly but frankly i dont care the fact is mpgh needs a change, either make it more relaxed and personal like it was or turn it into a full blown business and lay down a fresh set of new rules all in one place.