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    Quote Originally Posted by sTaXx View Post

    @Ali Not at all

    So, the graphics were ehhhh. But that was kind of expected for a Warhammer movie.

    Basically, a new squad of UltraMarines were just trained to go to battle. They answer a distress call from an imperial shrine world, and all goes to hell. The captain gets pushed off a cliff with a demon, but comes back, and when the squad comes back to where they were training at the beginning, they find out the captain got taken over by a demon, he kills almost all the ultramarines, a newbie takes the Sacred Warhammer and kills him. And he becomes new captiain.

    That's basically all it is. meh. Alright movie.
    Finally I had time to watch the post now
    but meh, if it's graphics suxs i wouldn't watch . Thanks anyways

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ali View Post

    Finally I had time to watch the post now
    but meh, if it's graphics suxs i wouldn't watch . Thanks anyways
    Haha. Yeahh. I don't think it's worth your while. You're welcome

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