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    Cool Alphabetical Slaughter

    Aiyyo it's DJ KaySlay the Drama King
    And for those of y'all that don't know
    I'm workin with a new artist, he goes by the name of Papoose
    And for those of y'all that didn't finish school
    Check this out, it's all good
    I'ma run y'all through this little Thug-acation right now
    And what we gon' do, is we gon' scream out the letters in the alphabet
    And every letter you hear screamed out, from A to Z
    My man Papoose gon' break it down for you
    So what you do, is get your pens, your pads, and take notes
    Yo Papoose, let's go!

    (A!) Alert, assassins at large allegedly
    Automatic artillery, angrily aimed and aggressively
    Accurate AK's angled all ways
    Adversary afraid as active ammunition abraise
    Accumulated an alias after arrested
    Accompanied armed accessory, as an adolescent
    (B!) Bridge Benz brolic burner bringin brothers
    Betrayer's bodies briefly be body banged bleedin brothers
    Blades blastin brave bashin Brooklyn bullet busters
    Big biscuits barrels blazin beheadin bitch boasts and bluffers
    Borough barricaders beat bringers brutally blast
    Bringin blood baths (C!) cover cowards corners collectin cash
    Confirmed convicts committin crimes clappin cats
    Creepin cashiers causin characters comas, cappin crabs
    Chaos causin, clearly commandin Cee-Lo
    Cocaine capsule caps colored, capturin customer's C-Notes
    Confiscatin combinatin, countin cream capulatin
    Cockin calibur chromes creatin casualties compensatin
    (D!) Dominatin devoted dealer devastatin
    Determination demonstratin, devine dedication
    Debatin drug deals, demandin dough distributed
    Definitely dividin double-digit dollar dividends
    Drama declarin demolishin domain dozer
    Directin dumb-dumbs doin dummies dirty disarmin Dojos
    (E!) Estimatin earnings enlarged and economically
    Equally educatin each exercisin equality
    Eliminatin, expirin enemies eradicatin
    Erasin evidence every element evacuatin
    (F!) Fake fraud faggots frontin for fame fleein from flames
    Firin full-fledged four-fours forcin flesh from frames
    Fortune fanatic, follow formats for funds faithfully
    Fuck five felonies, furiously fightin for freedom fatally
    Frigidy, frantic fightin Feds feelin fearful
    Finacially fortunate, flippin figures from fifty-fifty
    (G!) Gambles gatherin grants, grabbin gauges, gangsta ganks geeks
    Gettin green, Guess garments gleamin, greatly gainin G's
    Ghetto genius, genuine gestures gracefully guide
    Government generals gradually generatin genocide
    (H!) Head hoodlum, hittin heads heavenly, hypnotizin
    Hire hitmen harnessly, holdin heaters, hospitalizin
    High holdin hammers hectically hittin herbs, homicidin
    Helicopter hijackin holdin hostages, horrifyin
    (I!) Intellectually infinite imperial idol infamous
    Inhale the Izm, injectin intelligence in ignorance
    (J!) Jungle jump juggler, jaw-jabbin jeopardizer
    Jackin jewelry jingles, jackknife jiggin jittery jivers
    (K!) Konnivers, knowledge key, keep a king, keep a kingdom
    KKK killin, keenly keepin kosher
    (L!) Livin legitimate, legal license, Lex' lastin longevity
    Luxury life, language lacin lyrical legacy
    Lightin L's, loudly loungin livin large like Luther
    Loadin long Lugers lethally lullabying losers
    (M!) Maneuvers, made miraculously, microphone majesty
    Music messiah mastered money makin mathematically
    (N!) Naturally negative, Notorious, Naughty Nature
    Nasty New York nigga narcotic negotiator
    (O!) Observator, oppression obstructin originator
    Organized official officer oxen operator
    (P!) Plot participator, plan powder pushin premeditated
    Po-Po partners patrolin preventin payment
    Prosecutin penny pinchers, prison penalty permanent placement
    Packin powerful pistols punk plea and player's playin pavement
    (Q!) Quote – "Queen's qualifyed quantity quality"
    (R!) Rulers rule righteously rightfully royal rapology
    Real revolutionaries rather regulate rivalry
    Rampantly raisin raiders rampagin relentless rivalry
    (S!) Semi-sub, snub slugs snipin sharp shooter
    Smackin soldiers silly severely shankin stupid (T!) troopers
    Terrorizin, terrible thorough thug terrifyin
    Totin two tecs, takin territories thoroughly thrivin
    (U!) Unifyin ultimately upliftin uncivilized
    Unique understandin universally utilized
    (V!) Visualize vocab victoriously vocalized
    Versatile vice-versa verbals viciously victimize
    (W!) Wise willy witty wisdom wagin wars wisely
    (X!) X-Con (Y!) yappin y'all yearningly (Z!) zig-zag Z!

    [Interlude: DJ KaySlay]
    Hold on hold on
    My nigga Papoose just took y'all, through the whole alphabet
    A to Z, now we 'bout to flip it backwards, Z to A
    Yo Papoose, get at these niggaz man, let's go!

    (Z!) Zig-zag zigs involved weighin Zambian Zaires
    Zodiac zone and Zulu's, Zion's zap a zillion zillionaires
    (Y!) Yo you yeah, yesterday's youth yearnin your yen
    You yellow-bellied Yankee ying-yang yellin "yes"-men
    (X!) X-rated, ex-African, X-Man
    Ex-leaders, ex-Clarence, X Malcolm, X-Clan
    (W!) We want war, World War, world-wide warnin
    Walkin with weapons we wackin walkie-talkie wearin wardens
    We with whatever, want what whylin wherever war went
    Warlock, warpath, warfare, warriors and Warren's – wait, what, why?

    [Outro: DJ KaySlay – over last two lines]
    Hold up hold up, yo I'm just playin
    Yo chill, yo chill chill chill man, chill man
    We gon' save that for YOUR album, "Thug-acation"
    Papoose, comin soon
    A&R's, holla at me now, or suffer later[/quote]

    If you can say all those words without stumbling or mumbling , doing it as clear as possible, your a rapper
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