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I am fat, but I have a ton of muscle. If I get rid of all the fat, my old muscles combined with the muscle I gained while losing weight will make me pretty ripped.

Thing is, I have a low metabolism. I don't even eat too much, and when I do it's damn healthy (except occasionally I'll have a ton of soda if i'm at Chayton's). My mom is "fat" and I inherited a lot of her genes, for example me and my brother eat the same food ,the same amount but the difference is he has my Dad's genes, and I have my mom's. He is 11 years old + 65 pounds + short as fuck. I am 16 years old + around 200 pounds + tall for my age (almost 6ft).
how old are you? plus idk how 6fts are cuz here we calculate that with meters. I am ~1.8 and 14 years old.