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    Some Web Design Help? (Creating Dynamic Content)

    Since nobody ever goes into the web development sub-section of the programming forum... I know some of MPGH is smart, right?

    I have recently been playing around with web design, but all I know is CSS and HTML. I do not know much about PHP, or any other dynamic web language, but I'm willing to learn—although I don't have a whole lot of time to do so. So, over the last two nights, I put together a simple design that I really like. The basics of it shouldn't change too much, but that doesn't really matter too much here. My problem is that unless this site is going to be one or two pages that never change, which it won't be, a static design won't work for me. I'd like to know how I can transform simple CSS and HTML into a "full blown" website.

    Right now the site is composed of three (very standard) things [click here for a screenshot]:
    - Navigation Menu
    - Posts Section
    - Sidebar

    I would like these three things to be changed on every page I make when I change them. So I guess I'd have to utilize PHP and MySQL or SQLite, with tables for each of these things. Can anybody help me out. I can provide some more info on the code itself if it's needed.

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