Hey guys well i read the rules and stuff and i read on one rule No flaming is that like a dead rule or somthing or are you guys not inforcing it cause i have seen threads just consist of flames and such

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and read this rules before posting anything!!!

- No advertising
- No double posting
- No posting viruses
- No thread bumping
- Post virus scans ~ VirusTotal - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan ~ Online malware scan
- No flaming
- No spaming
- No begging
- No "MPGH" tags in your user name
- No multi-posting
- Add a screen shot of the trainer when posted
- For Attachments upload them to MPGH rather then rapidshit
- No talking about competition.
- If you want to flame, use the fucking PM system.
- Detouring MPGH Filters Will Result In A Ban

People who fail to follow the rules will be dealt with...

see what i mean wtf