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motherfucker im the realest ninja you ever met i don't give a fuck what you think about me ima juggalo n if anybody wants to hate on that they can come at me any fuckin day they want im not dumb hell you wish you could have a life like miine...n i wish i wasn't a drug addict and a failure still the life of the party still everybodies homie but a fuckin alcoholic thank god for my auto correct thing on chorme..but fuck the world fuck you fuck everybody im tired of this new school juggalo shit i remember the old days when we marched the streets n scared everybody and nobody knew what the fuck was going on and cult n gang words were jokes to us cuz we knew we were so much more...but so many felll off when god came into the picture..the fuck why did god come into the picture...it helped us but goddamn it it made a bunch of lil pussie wanna be bangers come in and all of us born on real set are gettin pissed cuz we joined the juggalos to avoid set trippin....but whatever fuck yall fuck your day hoppe yo babies don't grow im gonna go party by myself till homies pick me up
TL;DR You're still an angry ass clown.