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    I know Obama didn't say anything about Afganistan. He did say he would bring our troops home(A very broad and general statment), but obviously a lot of people took it a diffrent way then he "meant". My point was that we shouldn't be there. Almost %40 of those private contractors are security. Something our troops have to do at a fraction of the pay. Which to me is a spit in their faces. Esp when WE SHOULDN'T BE THERE IN THE 1ST PLACE!

    We just marched in, we can just march out...

    This is part of the reason Ron Paul has received more donations from active duty members then anyone, including Obama
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    Quote Originally Posted by arunforce View Post

    I agree with most of your statements, but the point I was making was that you worded it like he pulled out of Iraq for re-election, I'm just saying that wasn't the case, they've been working on it since Day 1, despite the delays.

    Well that's just my two cents.
    Ok, fair enough I can understand that I may have came off a bit strong there,
    I just remember watching an interview on CNN a while back of a General saying that a more realistic plan of withdrawal would be bringing back
    2,000 soldiers a month. At that rate he said troops would be back at the beginning to mid 2010.
    Well in 2010 there were about 94,000 troops in Afghanistan, and 92,000 in Iraq.
    Didn't seem like there was this sense of urgency to pull them out, and the approval rate of the war was rapidly decreasing..
    Obama had to make good on in 2011 he does this massive withdrawal.
    As much as it is nice to have our troops coming home, it is extremely dangerous to be pulling them at the rate that he did.
    At least at the rate of 2,000 at a time there would still be a good amount of ground troops left to insure safe withdrawal.
    When doing so in masses, it's opening our guys up for all kinds of vulnerabilities.

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