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    Iverson, go smoke more and eat some cake. Moto, ignore Iverson. Don't be fighting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moto View Post

    I never fucking complain about her? I maybe made ONE thread over the summer because she kicked me out. Yeah, that was a big fucking deal to me, I spent the night in a park. I don't bother telling my friends (except for Chayton), because it's fucking embarrassing. How am I trying to clown, I'm just stating the truth. She didn't hurt my feelings, she fucking destroyed them. Did your mom ever tell you to jump off a bridge? Did she ever call you a dumb cunt? A fatass loser? A worthless piece of shit? A mistake? Jesus Christ, Ravi. I don't know when you turned into such an insensitive, callous, jerk. I'm quoting you here "Pretty much after middle school, I was free to do whatever I wanted and my parents didn't give a shit" <- That's you talking. Yeah, sure ofc they beat your ass.
    You got called names, I grew up living in wrestle mania, you can ask my sister if you want. I have an alcoholic father, you have some lady calling you fat. If you let her mess with you that much, then its obvious you're going to be a weak person in the real world. Coming to MPGH with your problems makes you the dumbest, and I mean dumbest fucking person in the world. What the fuck are you thinking coming to general with your real life family issues. It makes you look even more weak. You gotta figure out how to respect yourself, no one is going to be there to help you other than yourself. You gotta take the initiative and problem solve instead of rely on others because you'll find out time and time again that you can't rely on anybody and you can't trust anyone to really be there when you need it. Man up, you're a fucking sophomore in high school, are you really about to call CPS on your mother? You really gonna let her get to you that much? Doing something like that ruins yours and her life in one swift move. Next time how about you do some critical thinking before you come around and pull some stupid shit like this again? Use your fucking brain, you're a big boy. I'm going to take this as being the last time you make a stupid mistake because hopefully you will have taken my advice to heart and learn from this experience. If your family or friends aren't willing to tell you how it is and be real then I will. I don't care if I make myself look like a dick, you need a reality check and one day, some day, you'll realize how right I was. Now shut your shit with some dignity and don't make me have to really ruin your shit with another response.

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