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You walk into Cosco to retrieve your money from the item that you bought that didn't work.
You: "Hello, i was wondering if i could get my money back for this item, i bought it and it doesn't work, i brought back the receipt and put it back in the box it came from and everything"
Person Serving You: "Oh my god, your a fucking idiot you fucker, you can't fucking open this motherfucking shit and expect that we will take this fuck shit back, and read the fucking disclaimer on the box you fucking moron, it says you can't fucking take this motherfucking shit back, you got what you paid for now get the fuck out of here no one gives a shit about what you think you fucking ass wipe"
Well for one, I wouldn't go to a Cosco, ton of Mexicans will be working there. So, before I even walk in, I know I'll get bullshit service. And if you try walking into any store with an item, you will get service, but it can take time depending on who's serving you. In this case, it's Arun, and as he posted, he replied politely about 2 or 3 times. Now, if you worked in store, and someone came in without a receipt and tried to return an item, what would you tell them? No. What if they came back 2 or 3 more times asking the same thing over and over without a receipt. Wouldn't you get a little pissed? Read the whole fucking thread before you try to sound like God's gift to the world with all your logic and examples, fucker.