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    Post your gaming rig setups here here!

    Heya, im curious of what you guys have in house
    Ill start off first to be polite haha.
    1 Playstation 3 250Gb Slim
    1 Xbox 360 Kinect with 250 Gb
    1 50 inch Sony Bravia 2010 TV
    2 Steelseries headsets and 2 Turtle Beach headsets.
    1 32 Inch Samsung Syncmaster (3D Gaming display) for my pc
    2 Subwoofers one delivers 1000W and the other 500. (combined an amazing 1500W)
    Razer accessories Naga mouse.
    And a nice Iphone 4S
    For my pc Specs, where all the hacking is going on haha!

    Intel Core i7 2600K (4.5 Ghz)
    AMD 6990 Dual Core gfxcard
    16 Gigibytes DDR3 Ram 1866 Mhz
    3 TB of storage ... FOR PORN HAHAHA jk im a editor for job / college XD
    p8p67 PRO asus motherboard
    all build in a nice €150 case, Corsair obsidian 650D casing
    Now its your turn to tell what you got in house

    - J
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    I am an experienced 3D editior and i can provide you with some Graphics! Message me!

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