Been using a program called "Actual Window Manager" for awhile now and it really makes multi-monitor windows setups a lot easier and more convenient. I run one main 27' and a second 20' info/web browsing Monitor. by default windows doesn't extend or at least mirror the taskbar on the second monitor and its really hard to browse the web while playing a full screen game because of this. so basically with that program it "extends" the default windows taskbar to include another taskbar on each of your monitors. It has presets so you can setup different styles of desktops; I have two presets bound to shortcuts, one for Xbox gaming (which just disables the main monitor and switches the info panel to the main) and another for general computer stuff. You can also setup each monitor to have its own custom background or have both monitors doing a slideshow of different images. Most of the features are on their site. I just torrented my copy, but its a pretty awesome program. here's a pic of my desktop with AWM;

I also use a program called "fences" for shortcut management.
Someone on the forums here uploaded a large amount of 1080p backgrounds, so i'm using those (sorry i forgot your username :<.)