Okay I have been gone for a couple of months but I have a question for the mpgh community as I trust there judgement.

I have been looking for a website host site that allows you to make a month to month payment, not a plan/ or package/ or up-front full amount payment.
Reason I have been looking is recently I have been playing allot of Minecraft/Runescape/Combat arms/ etc. I have currently started a website for my minecraft server at mts-minecraft.com which currently doesn't allow or provide me with enough things to do what I want to do.

Price Range for month to month (0-10$)
Open space/
but one thing I want it to have is the option to create a email@yourwebsite.com
for those who don't know what that means for intense my currently website is mts-minecraft so the email would be Wax@mts-minecraft.com not wax@hotmail.com.
last thing is Free Domain name.

So if anyone knows a MONTH TO MONTH website host please list it bellow would greatly appreciate it.