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    Thumbs up Need help searching for a private server?

    Hi everyone, this is LockShot.

    I am here today to show you a cool website that helps
    you search for private servers all sort for example, FlyFF,
    Linage2, Ragnorak, MUonline, you can even advertise your
    own private server for your friends to join and make a cool
    forum as this! But I doubt it.

    The website for this site is:
    Top 100 game sites - Private servers - Private gaming servers, Free servers, Cheats
    World of Warcraft Private Servers Top 200 - List of WoW Private Servers

    There is a whole list of private servers either
    on the left side or right side of the category
    depending on which site you go to that I have
    provided. Thank me if I have answered anyone's
    problem of searching for a good private server.

    Also, not to mention, to play these private severs
    you much click on the pictures(of the certain private server you have looked for)
    the website should provide you on how to play that server, beware some websites
    are scams, because some noobs post up fake private servers to think it's funny.
    To identify that there are vote buttons the amount of people(in) and (out) the
    most outs are probably scams or not yet heard private server that's cool. Mostly
    you have to overwrite your folders of the online game for example Cabalonline.
    You downloaded cabalonline and as for any online games you have a folder with all
    the game data in it. As you see a private server for cabalonline, some have their
    own client, some have patches that you need to overwrite your cabalonline folder

    Have fun!

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    Your fucking basment screwing you mother. Now. GTFO OFF MY PROFILE YOU FUC

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