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    Quote Originally Posted by Moto View Post
    Sooooo confused. Better options != better quality. Easy H.264 is a much easier application, and by personal experience is a lot quicker. I tested both of them on my six core :3.
    If you know what you're doing you can achieve better quality in a smaller file size, many x264 movie encoders use MeGUI to make those 300MB movies that may have heard about, I kinda doubt they'd use Easy H264 Encoder. Also, Easy H264 Encoder uses FAAC instead of Nero AAC for the audio codec. Nero AAC can achieve more better quality with a smaller file size. Anyway, the point of this thread wasn't for 'the fastest way to convert FRAPS/Vegas/AE footage to H264' it was to show you how to achieve the best compression and file size while maintain great quality at the same time. This is important as I mentioned somewhere that my ISP caps my upload speed making uploading videos a bitch and if I can't predict how large the output will be, who knows how long it will take to upload?

    Anyway, whatever you want to use, you can use, no need to start a fight.
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    gud job.

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