Poll: Gamepad or Keyboard+Mouse?

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    Game Controllers vs. Keyboard+Mouse

    I know it's a no-brainer, but i wanted to see....I learned to play alot of games on a console because my computer wouldn't run the games I wanted to play. When I started playing stuff on PC, it was kinda hard adjusting back to PC controls. I have a gamepad, but in FPS games (even those with built in GP support) it seems that you can never get the response on the thumbsticks right, it's always either too sluggish or way too fast/jerky, and I've tried all the emulation software. If anyone has had any success with gamepads on FPS games, I'd like to hear from you.

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    Depends what game

    Like, a nice RPG is controled. Unless its WoW, Then it's keyboard.
    But a FPS like Battlefield Bad Company is Controller all the way.
    But Battlefield 2, Can be good on controller and keyboard.

    So, Im both!!

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