Letter that I got in my school email pretty much explains everything. Please support him and share the links.
PS: He is my gym teacher

"Hey Everyone,

I apologize for the mass email, however, this was the best way I could think of to get a note to all of you. As many of you might be aware of, I have worked very diligently (over the past 8 years) on publishing a book titled Becoming a True Champion: Achieving Athletic Excellence From the Inside Out (BATC). It appears that that dream has now become a reality as I received the first copies of the book this past Friday.

My reason for writing to you is to try and harness the power you have as a group within the market I am trying to reach. And the market for which BATC was written - primarily high school age athletes (and older), parents of these athletes, and coaches.

Collectively, you are one of the most influential groups in the marketplace. You create trends, impact change, and influence direction. This is one thing I have learned from my students after 32+ years of teaching.

What I could really use your help with, from all of you collectively, is to help me promote and support BATC through as many social media avenues and channels that you have available. What I am talking about is your posting of my links to my website and blog through Facebook, Twitter, etc., and through word-of-mouth by telling all you know.

So if you are willing, I would appreciate you posting the following links to Facebook, Twitter, and all other appropriate internet connections you have. Pease use the hashtag #BATC for anything on Twitter; that would be a big help.

Here are those links:

Website: Becoming a True Champion - Home Page

Blog: The Athlete's Sports Experience: Making A Difference

In addition, I have available a link on my website called "Your Stories" where I encourage athletes to write in their sports stories for me to post on the site. Whether it be a situation of adversity, a goal you want to achieve, or just the fun you have playing a sport, others will learn from your experiences. I will post your story with your first name only (so you keep some anonymity) or as a totally anonymous poster, whatever you prefer (just let me know at the end of what you write).

Thanks much for anything you might be willing to do.

All my best,

Mr. Mango"