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lol what?
Ofc a basket ball player dribbles a ball, he would be a bad player if he DIDNT dribble
Sony, does not charge people for using internet on their console, neither does nintendo as far as i know.
But the major thing is that we are paying for it and they put in adds
Are you talking about the ads on the Xbox Dashboard? You get those even if you don't have Gold Live and they're not really a thing, they're so tiny and insignificant I barley notice them. If it makes them more money, power to them. I don't find it annoying at all.

Plus they give away a lot of free time and cheap time. But honestly consoles are more of a single player and multi-player with someone right next to me kind of thing. If I wanted online multi-player, like I said earlier, I would just use my PC. (Because PC does beat ALL the consoles at that....)