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    Quote Originally Posted by TopSeller View Post
    1) Is buying PS3 worth it? Why?
    2) Can you play EVERY PS3 game on the PS3?
    3) Is there any LAG in PS3?
    4) Do you need a strong internet connection to play on PS3?
    5) Do you REQUIRE to buy PlayStation network card in order to play games?
    6) What are the benefits of jailbreak PS3?
    7) What are the different options of buying PS3? GB? Slim/fat? etc?
    8) What's the different between 160GB and 320GB PS3? Which is better?
    9) How much space does an average game take up? BF3? MW3? Skyrim?
    10) What's the best location or site to buy PS3?
    11) Should I buy pre-owned, used, or refublished PS3? Why?
    12) What's the cheapest PS3? most expensive?
    13) Should I buy PS3 with a bundle? What's the best bundle?
    14) What's the first game I should buy for the PS3?
    15) Can PS3 play PS1 and PS2 games?
    16) What other things can you do with the PS3 insted of playing video games?
    17) Can you unistall video games? Will it help you lose some GB?
    18) Can you pirate games? How do you do that?
    19) How can you play games for free?
    20) What's the best place to buy video games and trade in stuff? Gamestop? etc? How does it work?
    1.) No. Xbox 360 is better and PS4 is probably going to be announced next year so it's worth the wait.
    2.) This question is retarded. Each game made for PS3 can be played on PS3.
    3.) Singleplayer? No. Multiplayer? Depends on your internet speed.
    4.) Only for multiplayer.
    5.) No, online gaming on PS3 is free.
    6.) You can play cracked games and change the UI of PS3 menu.
    7.) There are currently 2 versions in production, 160GB and 320GB Slim models. Buy the 320GB.
    8.) The difference is in capacity of the HDD and the fact that 320GB offers red colored PS3 instead of blue.
    9.) Everything from 400MB to 10GB, depending on the game because some games don't require installation on HDD.
    10.) Amazon/eBay
    11.) Buy a new one, it doesn't cost that much.
    12.) CBF to look you have Google.
    13.) Battlefield 3 Bundle (320GB model).
    14.) Battlefield 3, then Splinter Cell Conviction.
    15.) Only if jailbreaked on a special mod.
    16.) Watch Blu-Ray movies.
    17.) Yup.
    18.) KickAss Torrents, find the game you like, put on USB, put USB to PS3, transfer, install, play.
    19.) Free games suck.
    20.) I never use online purchasing so idk.

    Again, I'd suggest waiting for PS4, PS3 is not worthy paying for and using it for 1 to barely 2 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parag0nx9 View Post
    i would w8 for the new ps4 and not buy this. It is not worth it i would rather buy an additional graphics card or maybe a new processor instead of buying a laggy piece of shit from sony. people say there is lots of network lag. At least wait for the new ps4 because hopefully sony will learn from their mistakes.
    Maybe in your case, network lag is caused by bad internet connection, that's not Sony's fault.
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