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    Lightbulb Will someone please do this with me?

    It's kind of an extremely hilarious way to pass the time, a practical joke of sorts. I've been having fun with it for the past week or so, but so far I'm a one man army as far as I know, and it's gotten a little lonely. It would be great to have a few comrades in on the joke with me. Here's the situation (no Jersey Shore/Enrique Iglesias pun intended)...

    There's this game called WolfQuest. Hold on, don't leave, I'm not asking you to actually "play" it. Unless you like being wolf, then idc go nuts. What I PERSONALLY enjoy about this quaint little game is the unexpected and subtle art of freaking people right the fuck out. To be specific, I change my name in the chat window to other people's names and then talk for them. People mostly use this game to rp, so I'm sure you see the possibilities here. It's a fairly simple hack if anyone wants to try it:

    1) Download & install WolfQuest. It's free. You need to make an account with the site to be able to play online with other people, which can take a day or two to be activated. I know, I like instant gratification too, so sorry if this is a dealbreaker. However, if you do decided to soldier on, I HEAVILY suggest that you choose a name with the maximum amount of characters allowable, which is 20. I'll tell you why in a bit.

    2) Once you have an account to log on with, start the game and hit multiplayer mode.

    3) Boot up a memory editor that is able to search for 2-byte Unicode strings. I'm on a Mac and use iHaxGamez; I don't know if Cheat Engine for PC has this option, but from what I hear about CE's sophistication you probably can.

    4) Target WolfQuest, then prepare by typing the name you chose for your account into the search field and selecting the option to search for 2-byte Unicode strings. But don't search just yet.

    5) Join an open game on WolfQuest. As soon as you successfully load into the game, switch to your memory editor and hit search. It should return only a handful of addresses.

    6) Through process of elimination, find the correct address by tweaking a letter for each result and watching your wolf to see if the name above its head also changes. Once it does, you've found it.

    7) Morph, and creep. Even though the name above your wolf changes for you, the change is not visible to other players. However, your name in the chat window will also change, and THIS change IS visible to other players. You can change your name to anything that fits within the amount of characters your original name consisted of, so a 20 character name allows you to mimic absolutely everyone. You can change your name whenever you like, so you can essentially hijack the conversation and talk for everybody, while they start to go apeshit and can't figure out who or what is doing it.

    You can call me lame or a faggot all you want, but I dare you to try this and not start lol'ing with a shit-eating grin plastered all over your face.


    (ADDITIONAL NOTES: Make sure you are changing the other unimportant addresses back as soon as you test them, since it may cause a crash if you don't. Also, try starting from the bottom of the list and working upwards, as it seemed to crash sometimes if I went from the top down. You may notice a trend in the locations that this data is typically stored; for me it was usually in the 0x15000000's to 0x17000000's. For every subsequent game you want to join and do this in, or if you already played online at all in the past, I advise quitting WolfQuest and deleting the two folders it made on your computer to store player data. Otherwise it becomes increasingly complicated as the search will return a lot more addresses than you want, or it just plain won't work. The location changes for every game you join, so starting fresh is the quickest and easiest way.)
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