So what's the funniest and most terrifying moment you ever remember as a childhood? (kindergarten, elementary grade 3 stuff like that)

The funniest moment I remember (actually my mom told me this), was when I was about 7 years old, I took off my clothes (yes, including my fckin underwear), and running up and down the stairs (because it was an apartment). Then, a mother next door opened the door and caught me naked and she took me inside and tried to figure out whose mom I belonged to.

Terrifying experience as a kid:

I was playing on a playground, and there was a little wood slide that was under construction. My mom was off to get something, and meanwhile I wanted to try on the wood slide. At the end was a little wood that was sticking out, but I didn't notice. I slid down the wood slide FACE FIRST, and I hit JUST ABOVE my left eye pretty bad. My mom caught me and did all those..stuff you know . If I had hit exactly the center of my eye, then I would have been blind, today and in the future.

So what's yours? Share them all below!