I really really want to upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit, and my dad never budge. He asked me what you need 64-bit for, and I knew I couldn't say "for better gaming performance" or "to download....game related...stuff", because it's all kind of game related. So I said "my computer sometimes lags out a lot" which is NOT true at all. He tested my computer and said it was fine, and I said later on it lags but he wouldn't budge. He said buying a windows 7 64-bit cost as much as just as well buying a new laptop. From then I couldn't say no more.

So is there a way to install 64-bit on a 32-bit running system WITHOUT the use of CD, money, USB Drivers? Is there a way to download a program in which you can install 64-bit just by running that program?

The reason I ask, because back before when I had 64-bit in my old computer, my average FPS was AT LEAST 190. The highest was around 218. Also, my minecraft started lagging so bad about a week ago. My FPS on MC right now is about 5-10. That's horrible. It lags so much I stopped playing it. I had to abandon my crazy creations for a while.
My crossFire FPS is really bad too ever since. My average FPS now is about 50-90-125, and my highest cannot even reach the 190-200 zone. The highest FPS I experienced when I got 32-bit was I think about 175.