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Sorry I didn't write my Gaming News section.
Cronus knows why I didn't. It was basically internal/external conflicts, let's keep it at that.
Anyway, I'll just sum up what happened:

-Shootmania is in beta (closed)
-Scrolls is in alpha (closed)
-Call of Duty Online (Chinese only)
-Final Fantasy VII PC release
-Europe allowing the re-sell of digital games
-BF3 allowing "matches" (Setting up games with your friends; you need to own a server for this function)
-The Killing Floor Summer 2012 Sideshow Event is up and running, with new guns, new map, and new DLC.
-War of The Roses open for beta signup
-Paul McCartney is working with Bungie.

That's pretty much everything interesting.
Again, I'd like to apologize (late, I might add), for not doing my section of the news.
You didnt wrote because you was playing CSS