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Yeah these newer VW's are purposely designed to be a pain in the ass so people can't service shit themselves. I want to run a t-line/quarter wave box in my trunk and see how much more performance I can muster up.
I know what you mean, I had to buy a special tool just to remove my friends tire and replace it. It had four regular bolts in it and one half star looking shit that was just terrible. I like the older hatchbacks but that's basically it, for German cars I'll stick with the newer mercedes, now those are sexy. More of a Mazda/Nissan fan though, my 300zx has room for two 15's and space to spare for an 8 inch, but that would just be ridiculous and pointless. I'd say go with a T-line sound dampening box, it gives sustain a nice clean sound but the kick still gives a nice thud rather than the typical kicker punch and fade.