I am a stupid fuck..... Yes it one of those annoying Royce threads

I thought I could actually change for the better. Leave general, go be helpful somewhere else.....

I come on mpgh the other day to see their was a another editor position opening up.

I thought I could actually get it, so I. Apply and start working on it by updating the crossfire hacking section

Hacking - Crossfire Wiki

So I go to sleep and wake up to my app being deleted and my self banned for thanking my self with one alt which is @Ban evasion


But that is not even the point anymore, your fellow admin @Dave84311 tell me this "doesn't matter, you werent getting picked" , then tries to tell me I didn't even work on it and says he checked but was surely wrong because I worked on the crossfire section

I actually planned to work on it today.

And if it is tl;dr don't fucking post you lazy fuck