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I dont get it, what country are you fighting for? You're Russian (i assume), yet want to get into the U.S. Marines and later the British SAS? What are you a mercenary?
I'm chechen, live in belgium, and I want to join the british SAS.
I know its hard work, never said it wasn't, but I'm not concerned about the physical and mental tests, I'm concerned about my nationality. I heard you had to be a strict british civillian.

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Just realized OP is 'NoxchiBorz', confirmed leecher.

I'd hate to see you represent any nation on the battlefield.
Hahaha, I have to admit, when I look back at what I wrote down there, I'm all like "is that really me, I look like a plain retard"

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You just don't join a special task force after enlisting in military service. You need to have a refined skill set.
refined skill<- Do you mean you have to specialize into something or do you mean the physical and mental requirements?

I'm not worried about both of them, I'm worried about my nationality.

And yes, it does sound like its a piece of cake coming out of my mouth, but I know what its all about, dont worry.