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    Quote Originally Posted by Zithium View Post
    I was referring to In-ears dump compared to over ear. Whats with all the shitty comments. I posted what i own to show im a music lover and care for quality. NOT to imply i know everything about sound because i own these items.

    And no i don't listen to 196kbps... /facepalm.
    You said "all in-ear" are dump. That isn't comparative. That is an all-inclusive statement, one that implies that the person who said it must know what they're talking about. Not only this but you go on to insinuate that you know "what music should sound like". How do you know that you know? Perhaps all your life you have been listening to sub-par audio or perhaps you have frequency deafness. In fact you state that you own 3 Skullcandys and a pair of Beats, both of which are universally panned by audiophile critics (except for Studio which are considered decent but grossly overpriced). You go around stating things with prejudice and with misguided subjectiveness. And no, decent in-ear audio can sound just as good, if not better, than over-ear counterparts, however they are usually more expensive and aren't as capable if they are being driven. But for the average person who wants decent audio on the go they are very capable and very practical.

    TL;DR Think before you make grossly generalised and incorrect statements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zithium View Post
    Pffft whatever, I know sound. If you wanna dispute it fuck you im too busy working to give a fuck.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zithium View Post
    Wow. Apparently you know i'm not at work because i'm on MPGH, heard of breaks?

    Bitch please, sit down, and stop getting argumentative over anything.
    I'm not getting argumentative over everything, as you have suggested; I am merely raising the question that if you say you are too busy working, how could you be on MPGH at the same time? Also, if you couldn't give a fuck, why'd you respond?


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