I awoke to some computer related issues this morning...*dances*, no seriously, was extremely gay...I wasn't able to get through POST, so I was like...okay...so had to open the computer, reset the CMOS battery..didn't work, I unpluged every external USB device just to be sure there wasn't a hardware issue, which ofcourse there was because I started the computer and it got through POST, was saying that the RAM was mismatched, so I reset the RAM, still received an error saying Floppy Diskette not found, ofcourse this is because I reset the CMOS battery, so I had to then go back into Setup, and change everything back to the way I had it before.....and then FINALLY after all that the computer worked just fine, I still do not get what the hell was the issue, but oh well, guess it was just one of those random "hickups" you get every once in awhile...anyways, later lol