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Thats not even half of it lol i could hack and be shit i could play legit and be good all depends hacks are not all they are said to be some are shit and lag the fuck out of you and get you killed more then when you play legit i dont know man you cant be a member on a hacking site and say you hate hackers you and me both know you used to hack or still do but that dont matter this is mpgh there is a shit ton of users that hack games its what they like to do
I don't say I hate HACKERs, I dislike hackers who hack PAID for games, Sure, it's their taste, but I don't think its nice of you to ruin someone elses paid-for pleasure, it's like going to a theater and have people dancing in front of the beamer, but instead you can't falcon punch those mofos in the throat

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Wow, you must've never EVER heard of something called "De-Repping" have you?
I've got de-repped quite a few times. Besides, you can't de-rep anymore.