Okay this is my first Hack So Im Making It With Visual Basic 6.0.

So I have a couple of questions,

1. Are Winsock Controls Good,Bad or okay, or should I use a diffrent system
2.The Host's IP, The port of the game your hacking, right?
3.Sening packets I need help?
okay so in visual Basic with winsock controls I would go like

host = <Host's Port>
port = <Game Im Hacking's Port>

winsock1.connect host, port

winsock1.senddata <The Hex Code or the Decompiled Hex code?>

If somone could post an example script or like, becuase say the compiled hex code was like 000 000 0000 1156 and it decompiled it said "hello" would I got

winsock1.senddata 000 000 0000 1156
winsock.senddata "000 000 0000 1156"
winsock1.senddata "hello"
or Diffrently??