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    You gotta eat more man.

    I do 3 meals and 2 in between snacks a day.






    I don't mean junk food shit. Fruit, yogurt, granola bars low fat stuff.
    I've realized that counting calories isn't worthless either.
    Your calorie in take before you even start working out should be at least 2,500 a day.
    Once you start gaining mass you're going to need to increase that in take just to sustain your size.
    There are tons of online resources for healthy eating, you should certainly look into that before anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
    My new year's resolution was to get out of the thug life.
    Tough shit.
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    Pull up to the spot, livin' too fast
    Droppin' the dope in the stash
    In Italy, got two foreign hoes, they DM me
    Drop the top when it's cold
    But you feel the heat
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lehsyrus View Post

    A buddy of mine had the same issue. The key word here for gaining your appetite back, water. You're going to need to stretch your stomach out slightly, so start drinking about five to six bottles of water a day. If you can, drink up to about ten.

    Now let's build on this, you're going to want to get a bit of muscle, but it is difficult to start when you're skinny, so we'll start you off on the basics.

    Diet, when you eat you want to look into lean protein. Go for the white meats, peanuts, pistachios, tuna, all of those types of food. If you want to jump start your protein intake, go to your local grocery store and find a Whey protein shake, and only do about a QUARTER of the amount it says. We don't want to overload you with excess protein that synthesizes into fat.

    As for workouts, you're going to want to start doing a lot of pushups and pullups. Don't hit the curling bar yet, get your muscles endurance up. Incline pushups and wide stand pushups, as well as pullups (hands forwards and backwards, interchange the style) will help your muscles get used to the wear and tear of working out without over-exerting your limit.

    After a couple of weeks, I'd say two or three (whatever you're comfortable with), start hitting that curling bar. You're going to want to find your threshold weight. To do this, pick the bar up with five pounds on either side, and curl it. If it was easy, put another five pounds on either side and do it again. Keep doing this until you find a weight that you absolutely CAN NOT LIFT, and then drop the weight down by five pounds (on either side of the curling bar).

    Now that you have your threshold weight limit, you can start bulking on the muscle. From here, start taking HALF of the recommended amount of protein, and take it in the morning when you first wake up, and right before you go to sleep. You do this because when you are asleep, your body is not taking in any nutrients, and as it attempts to repair itself it will actually cut down your muscle for energy for the rest of your body. If you take your protein, your body will realize this and utilize it to repair your muscles, causing them to become larger. In the morning, you have not had any nutrients entering your body for about eight hours, so it is best to kick start your muscles repair and protein synthesis with a protein shake.

    Your workout will need to be based on banging out as many sets as possible. Even if you can only do two reps with your weight, get in about five sets minimum. Get these sets in NO MATTER WHAT. Even if you have to weight ten minutes in between sets, get these five minimum sets in. After a week you will find you can cut down your resting time, and bang out more sets. When possible, try to do five reps as well in each set, just to give yourself a peak amount of sets.

    Stretch your arms in between each workout. This will keep your arms from locking up when you are trying to lift heavier weights in the future.

    After three weeks on that weight, bump it up ten pounds. Do two weeks with that weight, then bump it up another ten pounds. Start taking the recommended minimum amount of protein on the label in the morning and at night.

    Keep bumping the weight up by ten pounds every two weeks for six weeks, then stick with that weight for a bit. I would say four weeks on that weight, just to allow your muscles to become more dense and build themselves up. After this regiment, if you still want to get bigger, just ask me what to do later on because it will involve other supplements.

    IMPORTANT: if you are not eating all of your food groups, take a multi vitamin in the morning. You need the minerals to function properly and they help not only with muscle gains, but with your bodies overall performance.

    Also, if you want any other supplements to speed up the gaining process, PM me and I'll figure out a good combination for you.

    On my wayyyyy!!!!

    And you're a moronic uneducated child who does not even know how to do simple research before opening his fucking annoying mouth. Now get the fuck out of this thread because Seyeko requested help, not a faggot.
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    drinking a lot of water would also help
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    If you're actually being legit, how's that going?
    Quote Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
    My new year's resolution was to get out of the thug life.
    My new years resolution was to get more into PC shit


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    Okay so starting this weekend imma start my daily exercise for 6 months to get into shape and ready for boot camp.

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