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    Tobe Hooper has cited changes in the cultural and political landscape as central influences on the film. His intentional misinformation, that the "film you are about to see is true", was a response to being "lied to by the government about things that were going on all over the world", including Watergate, the 1973 oil crisis, and "the massacres and atrocities in the Vietnam War". The "lack of sentimentality and the brutality of things" that Hooper noticed while watching the local news, whose graphic coverage was epitomized by "showing brains spilled all over the road", led to his belief that "man was the real monster here, just wearing a different face, so I put a literal mask on the monster in my film". The idea of using a chainsaw as the murder weapon came to Hooper while he was in the hardware section of a busy store, contemplating how to speed his way through the crowd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarface97 View Post
    Also another thing. How in the hell would TCM be based off of Buffalo Bill? There are no similarities at all.

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    I also see some Albert Fish in a LOT of serial killer movies.
    I'm guessing he means Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs.
    The similarities would be that Jame Gumb aka. Buffalo Bill would slice large portions of skin from his victims, as he was trying to fashion a costume.
    Leatherface obviously has a similar method. Though he pretty much kills and skins anything, where Buffalo Bill goes for fat chicks.
    Either way it makes no sense, because the time frames don't line up. TCM movies were around before Silence of the Lambs.
    TCM even predates the novel sooo.. I don't know what this kid is on.
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