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    Lightbulb Programming Bot for Rappelz, Insight welcome. [Offsets]

    I just found a cracked SFrame.exe (bypass Game Guard) on **** and now I am creating a bot for Rappelz. I will likely re-use a lot of code from other bots I have written, however I am in need of current offsets for values in rappelz.

    I've used cheat engine in the past on other games to achieve finding offsets and I aim to do so again. If anyone has any insight on the most effecient way to do so, specifically for Rappelz. Please contact me.

    I found X/Y cood static addresses searching for FLOAT values in CE.

    I'm in need of:

    Cur Player HP
    Max Player HP
    Target HP

    and any other addresses/offsets that would be useful for making a bot.

    The scope of this project is to make the most advanced and effecient bot possible, it will hook Rappelz process to intercept messages, it will read memory addresses for relevant information. I really hope that I don't have to resort to anything pixel based or image based, but it's not entirely out of the question either.

    Anyone wanting to help with this project please also contact me.
    I will provide what I can to help you, as long as your invested in this project.
    I am coding primarily in VB6 and there will be a lot of advanced code.
    Settings like offsets, will be saved to INI file for easy updating for future versions of Rappelz.
    I will also edit this post and add relevant information to help/teach others once offsets are found and progress is made.

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