So i am really stuck with this. I recently started to go to the gym (2-3 months)

EVERYDAY i go to train i push myself to the limit! always when i come home i need to go and sleep couse i am just way too tired.
My main reasons for going to the gym are 2 things:

1. The army.
2. Girls.

Well we all know about girls :P but i want to join the army... the Air force or Marines... but try to get a picture of how i look like pleas (No homo)

i am 1.91 meter long, i have just become 16 years old. my weight is 76 kilo. I am now kind of a athleatic looking...

I go 3-5 times a week to the gym (Mostly 4 days in a week), and when i get there i always start with running for 10 minutes fast jogging than 10 min slow jogging. i want to train myself to keep jogging for a long time. Than i go train my shoulders, chest and back with these machines they got there. All these 3 big muscles i train take about 15-30 mins.

Than i go and train biceps and triceps with some weights. I do this the longest, for about 30-45 mins. Than to finish my day off, i go and do some lower back training and belly training.

Now i DONT want to lose any more fat, actually i wanna gain some more to get my arms what bigger. Not sure if its a smart plan...

My friends tell me couse i want to join the army i need to do CARDIO! I always thought cardio was MAINLY to lose some fat? So not sure what i should do... i mostly wanna get a better looking body, more muscles. But will it help me when i go join the army?

I will join the army after i am done studing, that will be around 4 years from now.