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    MPGH News (3/15/13)

    26th Edition

    MPGH In Need of Minions!
    On Tuesday, after a few resignations of staff from the Call of Duty section, Liz made a thread announcing that she has put up applications for the Call of Duty sections! No minions have been chosen yet, but if you'd like to apply for one of the sections you can go here (CoD 1), here (CoD 2) or here (CoD 3). If you'd like to view the thread you can do so by going here:

    Combat Arms Tournament: Elimination
    A new tournament is uprising in the near future. Flengo, Minion of the CA section, plans to hold a contest for all members on MPGH interested who plays CA, and even players not on MPGH. "Players will face each other in a series of 1v1 games working their way up the ladder," Flengo says. If you would like to enlist in the tournament, you can visit the official thread for the tournament here.

    The Cocksucker Voteout is back in town! Vote for who you think should get their cock back here.

    Call of Duty minion staff are required! If you have a strong interest in Call of Duty games and if you a frequent user in the Call of Duty section and are ready to manage the Call of Duty section, then apply today! Full details can be found here.


    Congratulations to @Bl@ckViper on 1,337 posts!
    Congratulations to @Paralyze on 2,000 posts!
    Congratulations to @Hugo Boss on 9,000 posts!
    Congratulations to @noob555 on 8,000 posts!
    Congratulations to @Genesis on 1,337 posts!
    Congratulations to @Altarium on 3,000 posts!
    Congratulations to @VI on 1,337 posts!


    Happy Birthday to @StupidFuck!
    Happy Birthday to @Complixity!


    @Altarium is now a cocksucker.
    @RobinC is now a cocksucker.

    Interview - [MPGH]Hero

    [MPGH]Shane: Hi Hero, how are you today, can I interview you for this weeks issue of MPGH news?
    [MPGH]Hero: I'm good. Couldn't be better. And Sure.

    [MPGH]Shane: That's good, so how and when did you end up on MPGH.
    [MPGH]Hero: Well one day I was looking for hacks for CrossFire and ended up on MPGH. I joined around July of 2010.

    [MPGH]Shane: What were your first thoughts about MPGH when you joined?
    [MPGH]Hero: Well, my first thought was that MPGH was hack paradise for CF since there were a lot of hacks, back when I came.

    [MPGH]Shane: What do you like about MPGH the most?
    [MPGH]Hero: I like Gab, the contributors of our site, and the dedication people do when making releases, that's what I like most about MPGH.

    [MPGH]Shane: You've must've dedicated to the site a lot, since you're GM now, could you tell me when you got minion and what section. Tell me about you staff experience.
    [MPGH]Hero: Well I helped out in the help section a lot and got minion for the Cross Fire section. My staff experience was good. I met a lot of new people, learned a lot of new things.

    [MPGH]Shane: That's great, when exactly did you get minion and minion+... etc. if you remember.
    [MPGH]Hero: Uh well I got minion back in October 2011. I got Minion+ in January 2012. The same year I got Mod in August, and Global Moderator in October. Took me a year to reach where I am pretty much. :P

    [MPGH]Shane: How do you like GM so far? Is it a hard job?
    [MPGH]Hero: I like GM so far. It isn't difficult, but it does require time and effort.

    [MPGH]Shane: How do you manage you time on MPGH and irl?
    [MPGH]Hero: Well I get on at different times during the day, so a little bit of time in the morning, afternoon and at night. At night is usually when I'm at 100%. Irl isn't really an issue since all I really do is go to school and go outside.

    [MPGH]Shane: Besides MPGH and the internet, what do you like to do outside your house?
    [MPGH]Hero: Well I like to usually just take a stroll just for the hell of it. Sometimes I hang out with friends. Sometimes I go to the gym.

    [MPGH]Shane: Since you're on the news team with me, what is your position and what do you do?
    [MPGH]Hero: I am the User News reporter. My position is relatively easy. I find who had postbans, birthdays, promotions within the week and I find who resigned/got demoted.

    [MPGH]Shane: That's cool. Do you plan on staying on MPGH as GMOD and user news reporter?
    [MPGH]Hero: For now, yes. I don't see myself resigning anytime soon.

    [MPGH]Shane: That good. MPGH would be dead if you resigned. Now before we end this interview, would you like to give out any shout outs?
    [MPGH]Hero: Yes. @Ecstasy go smoke a dix. @Thunder rat slave. @Gab I miss you. @Hannibal I miss you too. @BACKD00R You are a BR . @Blake19 . Lastly @Shane - thanks for the interview.

    [MPGH]Shane: Thank you for your time and the shout out. XD
    [MPGH]Hero: You're welcome. [/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

    Interview - [MPGH]Arcton

    [MPGH]Shane: Arcton, how are you today. Can I interview you for this weeks issue of MPGH news?
    [MPGH]Arcton: Yes, sure it's my pleasure. Not fine, thank you. I've lots of homework to do these days. As you know, I'm 13 -.-

    [MPGH]Shane: I was 12 when I joined MPGH. When and how did you end up on MPGH?
    [MPGH]Arcton: Me, it was actually 8 when i first joined MPGH, i've just started playing BlackShot then. I was finding a hack. It was a pity I missed the bypass hack And since the hack was gone. I was inactive till last year. All the ranking and stuff brought me back, with a new headstart. :P It was my ambition to become a minion for the blackshot section. I did some manual hacking there, which has suppose to help me in getting minion. But Liz posted it in another section which made me miss a chance again.

    [MPGH]Shane: You write a lot. Hopefully you'll get a section once you get out of CS. What do you like most about MPGH?
    [MPGH]Arcton: Dur, c'mon i'm a CS + I'm 13 what do you expect from a 13 year old CS boy to write ? Btw, i like most of MPGH is their hacks. Mostly, crossfire. I've been releasing a couple of hacks with pceumel undetecting hack method. But my hook is too old now, so i guess i'll sop contributing now. Me too, like different people of MPGH, who have different lives and backgrounds. I'm starting to befriend those who have high statuses in MPGH so that i can take over them one day. Furthermore, I've just started playing battletale today, after pestering arun for hours . It's just fucking awesome and i would recommend them to others. I think Dave, should also link this game to MPGH, so like MPGH has an official game. The key thingy(A requirement for registering) should be fucking removed) And so, what do you like about MPGH?

    [MPGH]Shane: I humor that people do in General. Besides MPGH and the internet, what are your hobbies?
    [MPGH]Arcton: Well, I like swimming. And just kinda got silver last year ... While it's really mostly the internet and homework I would say. Well, I do oftenly now, watch the movies. I'm watching a movie with my desired girlfriend next Thursday. It's kinda a scary movie called "Warm Bodies". Well, horror. I'll be going with few of my other classmates too. But I'm not really keen to propose to her yet... Well so i guess, it's just swimming, movie then :P I do exercise at the basement of my flat too. Getting a little fat now.

    [MPGH]Shane: Since you're Editor, what section do you manage, when did you get it, and how long have you been editor?
    [MPGH]Arcton: While, it's in my signature. I've been editor since 25/2/2013(Singapore time GMT+8) I've been handling the BlackShot section, like i told you before. Since my mission to be minion there wasn't fulfilled. I decided to get editor there I'm bad at maths so count the days yourself. Well, i haven't really been contributing to the wiki these days. I've a lot of homework. And my next mission is to get manager for the wiki. But all of my trials aren't proving to me and dave they are capable. I'd think i'd better start contributing before my current rank is gone :P

    [MPGH]Shane: How do you manage you time on MPGH and real life?
    [MPGH]Arcton: Well, after school. I'll immediately on my computer and server MPGH like a fucking slave i would say. And on weekends, it's worse. It's probably everytime when i'm awake. And i'll probably leave most of the time to MPGH. For weekends, only if my father/mother brings me out, I'll be on MPGH.

    [MPGH]Shane: Do you plan on staying on MPGH in the near future?
    [MPGH]Arcton: I'm not only planning to stay on MPGH, but to take over it!!! So every single one of you can be my slave. And all of you will be paying back how much time I spent on MPGH! Including you!

    [MPGH]Shane: Before we end this conversation, would you like to give out any shout outs?
    [MPGH]Arcton: Yes, i want to give a shout to @VI . Stop being such a faggot and insulting me, just because I didn't but your code. So don't cry. And @Dave84311 . Remember to promote me to HA and i can take over MPGH. Imagine a 13-year old boy doing that. And to @arunforce . Thanks for giving me that BT key but NOT giving me the in-game gold. You suck!

    [MPGH]Shane: Thank you for your time.
    [MPGH]Arcton: You must reward me :@ . You wasted about 30 mins of my homework time

    [MPGH]Shane: How about NO.
    [MPGH]Arcton: Then FUCK YOU.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

    Internet are constantly and daily recieving intense and presistent virus attacks. The government blames this as "hostile forces" including the United States.
    "It is nobody's secret that the U.S. and the South Korean puppet regime are massively bolstering up cyberforces in a bid to intensify the subversive activities and sabotages against the DPRK," according to the official KCNA report. "... They are seriously mistaken if they think they can quell the DPRK's voices of justice through such base acts. The U.S. and its allies should be held wholly accountable for the ensuing consequences."North Korea has been under intense and global pressure since its third nuclear test earlier this year, which triggered the U.N. Security Council to approve tough new sanctions.

    Drones strike in Pakistan. CIA drones flying down so high in the sky that they cannot be seen swoop down and kill innocent people mistaking them for terrorists. These attacks by U.S. drones are quite common. the United Nations' special rapporteur on counter terrorism and human rights said Friday in a statement on strikes in Pakistan's tribal region of North Waziristan. How can they tell whether or not an individual is a terrorist or just a regular person living their every day lives?

    Saints Row IV Announcement Teaser

    Coming to PC and current generation consoles on August 20, 2013 in North America and August 23, 2013 in the rest of the world. Watch the announcement teaser! - Saints Row Facebook page
    Not really much else to say, to be honest.

    Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Getting Customization Micro Transactions

    You will be able to purchase in-game customization items, these will NOT enhance your killing capabilities they say, however it will add:
    ...either personal customization or nice little luxuries - Dan Amrich
    He also says this:
    At the end of the day, all of these items are completely optional, and were created for players who've asked for more customization options." - Dan Amrich
    Here are some of the micro transactions you can take part off:
    • Personalisation Packs, these packs offer unique camouflage patterns and targeting reticles as well as a Calling Card.
    • A flags of the world cards pack.

    Currently this is only for the Xbox version however it will be added to the PC and the PS3.

    Miner Wars 2081 Goes Open-Source

    Miner Wars 2081 is, for those of you who don't know it, a space shooter centered around the concept of six degrees of freedom (or 6DOF). The game has gained quite some popularity since its initial announcement back in 2010, and after it was finally released last year, has undergone constant updates and fixes by Keen Software.
    One of the biggest updates and changes for the game was announced earlier today. Only 3 months after its release, the entire game - including VRAGE, the engine that powers it all - has been open-sourced. Now, open-source means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, so in order to avoid getting confused, it's important to point out that this does not mean the game is free. Instead, it means that anyone owning a legit copy of the game on Steam can freely download the source code, make changes to it, and recompile it into a mod that can then be distributed freely.
    Other changes to the game includes the change of rendering engine from XNA to DirectX, which should improve performance and wipe out any alt+tabbing crashes, co-op inventories saving to both the host and the visitor, and some slight difficulty changes.
    The source code itself can be found on GitHub.
    For Keen Software's say in the matter, you can refer to their press release on the matter.

    Sleeping Dogs - Year of the Snake DLC

    The Year of the Snake DLC of Sleeping Dogs is now available for PC and Xbox 360 (it will be released tomorrow for PS3). Its storyline takes place after the game's main story, when Wei Shen has returned to the Hong Kong Police Department.
    In this new DLC, your mission will be to dismantle a sect which is terrorizing the whole city with a bomb and which wants to give rise to the end of the world.

    Payday 2 Gameplay

    Today a gameplay video for Payday 2 was released. If you are suffering from memory loss, here is a brief rundown of the first Payday:
    • CO-OP goodness with your mates.
    • Shooting cameras.
    • Robbing banks.

    And here is the video showcasing gameplay footage from Payday 2:


    The old game had 6 jobs while the sequel will have 30, other additions include class trees as listed below:
    [LIST][*]Ghost, the sneaky guy that can aid the team to make it through a job undetected (with a lot of coordination).[*]Enforcer, the tank of the team that goes in with all guns blazing and does not die as easily as the other classes.[*]Mastermind, this guy can convince civilians to revive him and make guards turn on their co-workers / buds / friends / whatever.[*]Tech, the tech guy is your all around gadget expert who can set up sentry guns as well as break into vaults with drills.
    There will also be random elements in the game such as layouts, rare events and rewards. Payday 2 also brings a new gameplay mechanic called CrimeNet, an online rooster of contract jobs for criminals, the more jobs you do the better jobs you get to unlock - with bigger rewards!
    Another notable change is that in Payday 2, your character is persistent, making it feel more like a MMO style of a game.

    Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC Launches

    Exactly as expected, and only 5 days after the launch trailer was released, the newest DLC for Dead Space 3, called Awakened, has been launched.
    Visceral Games, the studio behind all the Dead Space games, announced that the world and story from Dead Space continues, as Isaac Clark faces yet another batch of monsters and demons living in deep space - and in his own mind.
    The DLC is a digital pack that can be played both in single player and co-op mode. Intended to bring the horror level to new heights, it's also supposed to continue the action and suspense that made Dead Space 3 so incredible.
    Dead Space 3: Awakened is some of the most creative and unsettling content the team has ever created - Steve Papoutsis, Vice President, Visceral Games
    Gamers who buy the newest expansion will, according to Visceral Games themselves, experience the franchise's darkest chapters in a story that takes off where Dead Space 3 left it. Isaac and Carver, who have been left for dead on the planet Tau Volantis, have to escape from this abandoned planet, repair Terra Nova and finally get back to Earth.
    The DLC is available on Origin for $9.99, or 800 MS Point on Xbox LIVE.

    Facebook Vs Twitter

    Facebook plans to win the battle and add in the hashtag, where currently is what Twitter is famous or known for. Facebook already allows you to tag people, places and pages. If you are not familiar with this, it is a # symbol accompanied with a group of posts and a specific topic all together.

    Casino scammer wins $32 Million

    Every time you gamble, it is pretty obvious that you know the house will win. Unless you know some tricks and can manipulate things in the Casino, then what are the odds? With the manipulation, you can win $32 million. Well, that's what happened recently at the Crown Casino in Australia. According to some reports, there was a person staying as a VIP guest that was powerful or able enough to access the casino's security cameras. With that help, he could easily and did spot what the dealer's hand was every time.

    This casino uses something called the "state of the art surveillance camera technology" where it can see any part or area of the casino in high definition. After getting caught when they notice of his unfair advantage, the guest was immediately kicked out and banned from the casino. As for the VIP service's manager, he was immediately fired.

    $100,000 from Netflix

    Are you interested in winning $100,000 in prizes from Netflix? Netflix is asking developers to help them improve their usability, reliability, quality and security of computing resources. As you know, Netflix is kind of like back in the caveman evolution, and they want to upgrade and change the experience for their viewers and members in a whole new level. This way, they can attract new people and also maintain their current users throughout. The contest or entry starts from March 13th, 2013 to September 15th, 2013. The grand prize will be around $10,000 cash, and $5000 worth in AWS promotional credits. Not only that, but you will get a paid trip with a choice of 1 more person to accompany you when you are invited to attend the Amazon Web Services conference in Las Vegas some time in November.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaked Pictures

    Here are some leaked pictures that were recently published from a Chinese Forum.

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    ​Good edition once again guys.
    I am the seer in the dark,
    the vagabond of yore,
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    and proprietor of all.
    A miasma,
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