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    LOLED SO HARD!!!! Arabian girls are (No offense) shit. Exceptions go to Lebanese, some Palestinians Others are extremely shit. I you gonna ask me how do I know or based on am I saying this I'll tell you simply that I lived in the Arab world for over 15 years and lived with almost every kind of the arab nation you can ever think of.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vice-Versa View Post

    She reminded me of the "girl" in this video.

    But that's just my opinion Don't listen to me.
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    I look like an emo bitch.
    Quote Originally Posted by x00u View Post
    Your moms so fat her ESP Box is in another dimension.
    Quote Originally Posted by Royce View Post

    Lol, man, I see why i cant get staff, cause people still hate me for no reason like you, Always rude to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arabian View Post

    So what ? @Vice-Versa I like her
    I respect your opinons but the girl in the back is pretty hot

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